10/24/2013 – New Year, New Cruise

Amelia writes:

10.10.12CWelcome to the LMG13-11 scientific research cruise to the Western Antarctic Peninsula. This cruise is a continuation of the work we conducted last year on LMG12-11. We will be gone from October 27 to November 13. During our trip, we will be putting in a field camp for NOAA scientists at Cape Sheriff before conducting a port call at Palmer Station. After that, we’ll have time for five days of science.

The major goals of the scientific operations are to collect sediment cores and water samples from the western Antarctic Peninsula, from Boyd Strait to the Grandidier Channel to understand the deglacial history of the Antarctic continental shelf during the early to middle Holocene. We will also collect sediment samples to try to improve the regional utility of existing ocean temperature proxies and water column samples for marine genomic and virus research.

The science party includes Dr. Amelia Shevenell (USF; Chief Scientist), Dr. Amy Leventer (Colgate University), USF graduate students Michelle Guitard and Tasha Snow, Tulane graduate student Cristina Subt, and Hamilton College undergraduates Alex Hare and Issy Weisman. This blog will feature entries by the USF team members. Hamilton College will be setting up their own expedition blog as well.

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